Top 5 Green Smoothies in a low-Carbohydrate Diet

We would like to finish this article by hand with 5 green smoothies that you could use perfectly in a low-carb diet. We name the ingredients that you should put through the blender for a delicious green smoothie (that gives you energy, makes you fitter and helps you gain weight faster).

Pineapple with spinach smoothie

Take 250 grams of spinach and a whole pineapple. Put it in small cubes through the blender and top up with water until the smoothie is drinkable.

Pineapple gives a sharp taste, making the bitter of the spinach disappear. It can vary per smoothie how the taste predominates, so please adjust the quantities. It works best to use a real pineapple, but 2 cans of pineapple are also sufficient (only less tasty).

Watermelon, banana and lemon smoothie
You make a fresh (summery) smoothie based on the ingredients watermelon , banana and lemon. You peel a whole lemon and put it in the blender, including a whole banana and about a quarter of watermelon. Note: because there is a lot of water in watermelon, you don’t have to add any water. In that respect this is a very fruity smoothie.

You could add some more vegetables to remove the sour lemon flavor. For example, think of spinach or endive, but cucumber is also very refreshing in this smoothie.

Autumn green smoothie
The autumn green smoothie consists of 1 apple (Jonagold, Elstar or Pink Lady), 1 pear (not too hard anymore), 1 handful of walnuts and a teaspoon of linseed. Two cooked stalks of cauliflower make this smoothie complete.

The nut and seed smoothie
Put as many nuts and seeds in the blender as possible (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, chia seeds, sesame seeds and linseed) and add a banana and water to make the smoothie drinkable. Don’t you like banana? Then add other fruit and half a zucchini to keep the substance firm.

The red, green smoothie
A special mix that you must love consists of this green smoothie that will turn red: 150 grams of strawberries, a handful of raspberries, a handful of blueberries, half a can of red beets and water.

Blend the smoothie until it is nice and drinkable.


Everything About Green Smoothies

You see them quite often in my Sneak Peeks, in my plogs and on instagram. The green smoothies! I drink them every day and I get a lot of questions about it. Time to answer that! best health supplement that work naturally.

Green smoothies are simply smoothies that contain vegetables. You make them yourself at home with your blender and you combine fruit with vegetables. And no, it doesn’t taste dirty! Because of the sweet fruit you do not taste the vegetables, but you do get them inside. You can make something different every day. I have been drinking them sporadically for years, but since about a month I have been taking one every day. Since I do that I have noticed that I have more energy during the day and I naturally get more vegetables, so that is healthy anyway.


To be able to tell you everything about the green smoothies, I asked Bianca from The Green Creator for help . She has been helping me with my diet for a while and gives me a lot of tips. She is a hard green smoothie drinker and she knows everything about healthy food, so I asked her a lot of questions that I already got from you. Are you Search best Green Powder? Read Moreā€¦ Amazing Grass, Green Superfood Antioxidant, Sweet Berry Review

Why are green smoothies so healthy?

I really love my blender! The blender ensures that I can eat an enormous amount of vegetables. I say food because you should chew smoothies and not drink away quickly. Smoothies ensure that you can get a lot of vegetables (think of three hands of spinach, two pieces of celery or a handful of kale) in a tasty way. And no, this definitely doesn’t taste bitter! Once you know how much fruit you need to make it tasty for you, green smoothies are delicious. I also see a smoothie as a way to get my food chewed. Proper digestion is extremely important. And that starts in your mouth. Good chewing is therefore important and a smoothie does the majority for you.

In addition, smoothies balance the pH value of our blood and all fibers ensure that waste, among other things, is removed. This ensures beautiful skin and hair. The fibers also ensure that we feel saturated and do not feel like eating again at 11 a.m.

A ratio of 70 vegetables / 30 fruit is ideal. But I always add a few basic products to keep the body as alkaline as possible such as lemons. You can make a smoothie as crazy as you want. But I would not use more than five types of fruit / vegetables. The simpler the better for our body (to digest).

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You can add good fats to smoothies such as avocado and butters (such as coconut oil or almond butter) and you can also easily process chia seeds, linseed and hemp seeds into a smoothie.

With an average green smoothie you get an enormous amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hydration, fibers, anti-oxidants, chlorohyll and proteins (if you add chlorella, spirulina or certain nuts / seeds, for example).